Coronado Lite

Lightweight. Sophisticated. Urban. This unique line consisting of fiber cement pottery makes it a great choice for urns, stackable pots or planters that can be maneuvered easily. Crafted in contemporary matte finishes, the premium composite material allows for both traditional and hard to find shapes such as large squares and rectangles. Functional, yet appealing solutions that will surely add variety to your pottery assortment.


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  1. Fiber Cement (18)
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  1. Tables & Chairs (18)
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  1. Low Bowl (16)
  2. Oval Planter (9)
  3. Round Planter (56)
  4. Square Planter (37)
  5. Stackable Planter (10)
  6. Bird Bath (4)
  7. Rectangle Planter (30)
  8. Table (18)
  9. Chair (6)

Result: 18 Item(s)

Result: 18 Item(s)

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