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Welcome to North Coast Pottery

At North Coast Pottery, our promise is simple: to provide independent garden retailers and distributors unique, quality pottery at unbeatable prices. We don’t have multi-level pricing or play discount games to confuse you. You can always count on us for fantastic service and the lowest prices you will find in the industry.

Offering friendly support, selection and value; we’re dedicated to working with you to find the right container solution at a savings that you can pass on.

Why North Coast Pottery

  • Lowest Prices in the Industry   
  • Quick & Easy Order System
  • Free Combined Containers
  • Assorted Pallets
  • Lowest Shipping Rates Guaranteed
  • No Multi-Level Pricing
  • No Commissioned Salesmen
  • No Discount Games

  1. Combined Containers
  2. Assorted Pallets

Exclusively at North Coast Pottery you’re able to combine pottery from 2 different factories in Vietnam and we’ll pack it all into one 40ft container at no additional cost to you! Our Combined Container Program continues to offer the most diverse selection of styles and colors available anywhere.  This is the ultimate solution if you’re looking for maximum variety at the lowest prices in the industry.
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We offer a fantastic selection of assorted pallets to help you make quick and easy decisions when ordering or to assist you in color blocking your pottery displays. These pallet assortments are mostly composed of our most popular styles and color combinations.

Assorted Pallets Currently available in the following collections:
Le Criox Signature | Verona Collection | Hoolong Bay
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